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Read more below about each of the three items you receive in this deal.

1. Domain Name Registration

You get your own domain name. This is useful for multiple reasons. Each domain name is unique just like your home address is unique. Only you have your home address. Much like only one person can have a specific domain name. Therefore if you use the domain name on letterhead, direct mailings, anywhere you like, the individual can always find your website.

Domain names also allow you to create a website at that specific address. If you choose the domain name then you can create a website at that address. You are also able to create email addresses at the domain also. Such as and others.

With this package deal you get domain registration for one name. Domain names are never owned just rented. No matter where you get your domain name you will always have to pay a yearly fee. Depending on where you obtain your domain name it can anywhere from $10 to $20 a year, assuming they are not on sale. Be careful where you register your name, often you will get your first year for a very discounted price then each successive year will be higher. With this package deal you get three things for the price of one, however if you just paid $1 a month for a domain that would be $12 a year for the domain alone which is still a great deal.

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2. Website Builder

This is the best part of the deal. You also get your own website using the reliability of godaddy hosting. So now when you give out your domain name the individuals know where to go and they will see your site. There are two choices, two website builders, you can build a website with any information, pictures, etc. that you want or create your own online store.

If you choose the online store you have a website created. If you are an individual and just want a blog or other type of site that is one option. If you have a business and want a professional looking small business website that is an option as well and now you can have a complete store. The store allows you to add your inventory and customers to buy your product online.

You do not need to know how to make a website. The website creation tool allows you to use a template of a website that godaddy provides, choose from hundreds. Then simply drag and drop images, type in your text, and you are done. It can be done in minutes. You can have a great looking site without having to hire a website design company.

Both options are available as part of this package deal and alone would be worth much more than $12 a year or $1 a month.

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3. Email

No for the final package piece. You get your own email address. Instead of using a typical free email address from a service such as or, and others, you can have your own identity. Like the example above you can have This looks much more professional on a business card, website, or any time you give it out. You can also create more than one email address.

Email is something that you do not want to have any problems with, you need it to be reliable. Godaddy email is backed by their free award winning support. The email is provided by go daddy but powered by Microsoft Office 365, no issues with reliability there. You can use any email program or client to send and receive email. You can use any computer or phone, windows, mac, iPhone, android phone, any kind anywhere. You can also login through godaddy webmail in a browser and send / receive email there.

How to Get this Package Deal

Package Deal: $1 a month for Domain, Website and Email address
Package Deal Link: Click Here to get the Package Deal

For just $1 a month this godaddy hosting coupon will allow you to get your own Domain, Website and Email address.

You have to use the link above to be taken to the internal godaddy page with the deal, I do not know how long they will offer this low price so take advantage of it before it is gone.

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