Get A Domain of Your Own for a Professional eMail Presence

If you want your online business to stand out from the crowd, you need something that differentiates you from all the rest. In today’s world, you need to market yourself wisely.

It used to be a person’s signature was their trademark. This developed from the practice of using Signet Rings and sealing wax. In China, a special “Chop” or seal, was made of stone. It was used to show a document came in the name of the emperor or even a commoner. Today, we laugh at the term “Rubber Stamping”. However even today it lends authenticity to many government documents. But, in the electronic world of the net, these things are lacking. That is until recently where domain names and email took the place of the signature, Stone Chops, and sealing wax with signet rings.

Get Your Own eMail

Today, we are going to delve deeper into this topic to show you the advantages of setting up your email account under your name in a domain that you own. It adds professionalism, a touch of class, and shows you are serious about your online endeavors. If you want to be taken seriously with your web business, you need your own Domain Name for you own email.

Most people who have been using email consider it a utility that you get for free dating back to the days of CompuServe, AOL, and Yahoo. Now Gmail is all the rage and others are out there as well. However, the reality of it is that you can send Email to anyone from anywhere as long as you have the email address. Various third party packages on the web take care of the Mechanics of your own email.



Take a look at some of the Advantages of using your own domain name and Email Server. Aside from the prestige that ending your email address with your company name or personal cognomen, you reap a plethora of other benefits as well.

The first is the ability to create multiple email addresses at the same domain name. Whether it be for newsletters, customer support, or employees.

You can have complete control of the formats that your emails take. This is hard to do as Email Systems like Gmail only provide you with a vanilla email canvas to create your message on. Graphics and multimedia embedding in the email are not possible. It gives you more options for your signature and using your brand in all your correspondence from everyone in your organization.

When using the email for newsletters or other mass correspondence, be sure to use double opt-in for those you send it to. This means that when they request a newsletter you send them an email which they click to confirm. It is not necessary if you follow the appropriate guidelines but it is a great idea. You can perform this with an auto-responder which automates the process.


Get Started

There are dozens of packages out there that will do a better job than Gmail or Yahoo who are geared more for personal Email. GoDaddy is particularly good at providing a unique email. You do not have to create a website with them, you can just use a placeholder for the domain name. Then you can utilize the email products they have. Some are basic email and others are full featured for your entire organization to communicate and collaborate. You can use a godaddy promo code to obtain a discount and get started.


Final Thoughts

We discussed and provided insight into why a personal Domain Name and Email can be a big boost over using the free public mail systems out there. You have a unique name that acts as a brand promoter. Get started with email on your own domain, it is easier than you may think.