Here Are The Best GoDaddy Commercials During Past Superbowls

GoDaddy commercials during Super Bowls have been anything but bland. While most GoDaddy commercials have succeeded in attracting attention, some GoDaddy commercials stand out above the rest. The key to the success of GoDaddy commercials lies in their ability to captivate the minds of the audience.

Do you want to know what the best GoDaddy commercials were during past Super Bowls? Grab a comfortable chair, some popcorn, and get ready for action. Let’s explore some of the most riveting GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials.

The best of GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercials

GoDaddy has been releasing funny, witty, interesting, controversial, and unique commercials since 2005. Whether one likes or dislikes GoDaddy commercials isn’t really that important. What matters most is that the vast majority of viewers find GoDaddy commercials quite memorable.

Viewers who aren’t acquainted with GoDaddy sometimes don’t see the point of GoDaddy commercials. It’s no surprise that some viewers are puzzled after watching GoDaddy Superbowl commercials.

GoDaddy commercials

However, this curiosity prompts viewers to go ahead and discover what GoDaddy is all about. Bob Parsons, GoDaddy’s CEO, has a term for the type of advertising GoDaddy engages in. It’s called “edgy advertising” and they even have provided godaddy 99 cent domain coupon for the occasion.

Some GoDaddy commercials have been deemed too controversial for TV and consequently banned. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, think about it this way. Boring commercials certainly don’t get banned. Some of these banned GoDaddy commercials have gone viral on YouTube. Enjoy the best GoDaddy commercials that were aired during past Super Bowls.

The ‘Shower’ commercial from Super Bowl 2009

The shower commercial features three male teenagers checking out a new domain name and website from The teenager who’s sitting in front of the computer says that GoDaddy allows him to make anything happen. Suddenly, another scene appears on the computer screen – Danica Patrick getting ready to take a shower.

The teenagers decide that they want to include their attractive German teacher in that scene. Well, the German teacher appears on the screen together with Danica Patrick. Both of them are in the shower and the German teacher says that she needs to rub Danica’s back.

The message of the commercial is that GoDaddy can make everyone’s dream come true. The commercial is quite interesting and definitely grabs your attention. If you’re a male teenager, or a male of any age, you will understand why this commercial is so appealing to males.

The ‘Exposure’ commercial from Super Bowl 2011

The exposure commercial was considered controversial since it was related to women’s private parts. The commercial features gorgeous women holding pet beavers. The paparazzi surround the women and take pictures of them. The term ‘beaver’ relates to women’s private body parts.

At the end of the commercial, Danica Patrick says that GoDaddy’s services give her all the exposure she needs. Like most GoDaddy commercials, the exposure commercial is simple to understand. The underlying message is that GoDaddy’s domain and web hosting services will give your website all the exposure it needs.

The ‘Body Paint’ commercial from Super Bowl 2012

The body paint commercial features Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels using paint on a female model’s body. The model’s body is painted with GoDaddy logos and interesting phrases such as ‘get noticed’. The point of the commercial is to show that GoDaddy’s web hosting is as attractive as paint is on the body of a female model.

The body paint commercial is great because it shows an objective side of GoDaddy while using humour. The commercial is not too raunchy, but its not too bland either. It is true that these dot-co domain names get you noticed, and are well worth investing in. You know what else is worth investing in? GoDaddy’s web hosting services! Check out these GoDaddy coupons. Use them to get a discount on GoDaddy’s web hosting services.

The famous GoDaddy kissing commercial from Super Bowl 2013

One of the most controversial and memorable ads that GoDaddy has ever released is the kissing commercial. This is where a model and a nerd get to make out. The commercial features the gorgeous Bar Rafaeli kissing a computer geek. The commercial gained both criticism and praise. Some found the commercial hard to watch while others praised GoDaddy for its ingenuity.

The purpose of the kissing commercial is to represent two sides of GoDaddy, the smart side and the attractive side. Bar Rafaeli represents the attractive side, while Walter the geek represents the smart side of GoDaddy. The message is that the smart side and the attractive side go well together and make GoDaddy very efficient.

The independent entrepreneur commercial that aired during the 2nd quarter of Super Bowl 2014

Unlike some of the previous GoDaddy commercials which featured bikini models, this GoDaddy commercial is about a female entrepreneur. The commercial features Gwen, a woman who wants to quit her job. She works as an operator of tonnage refrigeration machinery. When she’s at home however, she is a puppet maker.

During the commercial, the actor John Turturro enters her apartment and sees what Gwen really loves doing. Once the camera gets to Gwen, she proudly announces that she is quitting her job. Her proud announcement is aimed at her boss. This GoDaddy ad was very motivating and meaningful. It exhaled the virtue of independence and entrepreneurship.

The bodybuilder commercial that aired during the 4th quarter of Super Bowl 2014

GoDaddy is primarily known for its raunchy ads that feature scantily clad women. However, GoDaddy has been trying to change its image through more appropriate ads. This time, GoDaddy has made a commercial which features dozens of bodybuilders running through the street. A muscled up version of Danica Patrick runs alongside the bodybuilders in the commercial.

Suddenly, the entire crowd of bodybuilders stops in front of a tanning salon. The employee inside the salon gets ready to serve the entire crowd of bodybuilders. This commercial demonstrates that GoDaddy’s web hosting services can help you attract tons of customers.

It’s hard to forget this GoDaddy commercial once you watch it. Even if the ad doesn’t get the message across that clearly, it is still very unique. People associate its uniqueness with GoDaddy. If you are interested in using GoDaddy’s web hosting services, you can use the godaddy promo codes found here to get a discount on those services.

The Puppy Commercial during Super Bowl 2015

This time it was a puppy. The ad was about a puppy that got lost. The ad was about a puppy being sold online. Animal activists said it promoted puppy mills. It was not GoDaddy's intent to do that so they pulled it.

Switching to Politics for Super Bowl 2016

Just as good as the previous commercials are the latest politic commercials. These make fun of the first Trump and Clinton debate. They decided to have some fun during the election season. I think they did a great job.