Create Websites without Programming Knowledge

The 21st century came with so many advancements in the way people do things, especially as it relates to communication and information sharing. The proliferation of the Internet transformed the world into a global village. People from any part of the world can connect and communicate with everyone else. Individuals and companies are overwhelming seeking an presence online. There is no reason not to be online and you have to in order to be competitive.

As the online global market increases the number of internet users also increases. As an entrepreneur an online identity is a must. This is where you are able to outline the services you offer, the kinds of products you sell, and how to contact you. This identity is called a website. Having your own personal website or business website is a huge part of doing business these days, particularly online.

One very important point to note is that everyone can own and create a website. You do not have to be a web designer or a programmer to own or create a website for your business thanks to online website creators like GoDaddy. GoDaddy has made it very easy for individuals, and businesses to obtain domain names and create websites easily and quickly.


Your website can have more than one domain name. You want to have at least one main domain that you tell everyone about and promote but you can point others as well. It is not uncommon to obtain other domain extensions of the same name such as .net. It is also not uncommon to obtain misspellings of your domain and point it to yours so competitors do not. and they may all lead to one particular page. Having a domain name gives an online business person that feeling that you get when you feel like you are part of something big, when you feel like you can reach the whole world right from the palms of your hands. Okay, maybe that is exaggerating but you get the point.

Website Creator

As stated before you do not have to be a web designer or even a programmer to be able to create a website for your business. The Godaddy website creator is a very simple way to create your own website quickly and easily. We will explain the steps to creating a website.

How to Create a Website

Get a Domain Name:
This is the first major step when it comes to creating a website. To get a domain, the first thing to do is get ideas, do not rush, sit back and think about possible names that suit your kind of service. Write these names down and check for the availability of the names. If the name you picked is available you can proceed to register the domain name. Registering is easy as all you need do is to search for domain name registrars, go to one of the sites and enter your domain in their search. They will tell you if the name is available and if not they will suggest alternatives. When you find one you want just choose it and pay. Just know that you are paying to register the domain and use it for a number of years. You have to keep your registration current or you will lose it.

Get a Web Hosting Service:
After you have successfully created your domain name, you need a web hosting service. You do not need to host your website at the same place you obtained your domain name. Depending on the host service you choose, you will be required to pay monthly or annually. To get a web host search for web hosts on the internet, pick a preferred one, register and subscribe to it. It is that easy. You will then point your domain name to the website. It is usually easiest to use the domain name and hosting service at the same place to avoid finger pointing.

Create Your Website:
This is very easy using the GoDaddy Website creator. I you do not have an account with them use one of the godaddy coupon we have for domains and hosting in order to obtain a discount. Once you have an account and a domain you simply click on ‘WEBSITE BUILDER” and pick a particular domain from your account. Your website page will, in turn, be created. You can now design your website page the way you want. You can change the theme, font size of the letters and even the font type. There is no programming necessary, just drag and drop pictures and text into a pre-made theme. Congratulations! You now have a website.

You do not have to be a computer guru or an expert programmer to be able to create a website. Website creators have been designed to save you the stress and programming requirements of creating one. They simply make it as easy and fast as possible for you. If you are an online entrepreneur and you still do not own a website, what are you waiting for? Get one now.