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The 99 cent coupon is back for 2018! Simply use this link to have the $.99 domain name coupon applied for you and get a new dot-com domain for just 99 cents!.

Do you Want a Domain for yourself, family member or friend?

If you want a domain name for 99 cents you came to the right place. You do not even need a website to have your own domain. You can save it for later if you like, or use it for email. Did you know you can have an email address and check it with a desktop email client or even gmail. You can setup gmail, very easily. to check your email account at your own unique domain and have it send from that domain. You may want a more professional looking email than a free email service. Simply get your own domain and you are ready to go. Get your 99 Cent domain here.

99 Cent Domain Name – Click Here

These are the once in a lifetime deals, they honestly cannot make the domains much cheaper. You can get a domain name, a .COM, at GoDaddy for only 99 cents using the coupon code below. Actually since there are fees involved which are paid to ICANN, sort of like a tax, the total cost will be $1.17. There are two ways to take advantage of the deal.

You can either click the link below or use the godaddy coupon above. If you click the link you will be taken to the home page of Go Daddy and you will see a yellow bar under their logo that lets you know that you are getting the 99 cent deal. I suggest you both click the link above and also add the coupon at the go daddy check out page to be sure. See the image directly beneath this text.

confirmation of 99 cent coupon being applied

.99 cent .COM Domains

Coupon Code:

Direct Link: Click Here to go to GoDaddy and have the coupon applied

Here is Where You Add the GoDaddy Promo Code
add source codeYou add the coupon above at the bottom of the godaddy checkout page, see the image here to the right, you click that link and enter the code. The deal is good for one new .COM domain or you can transfer a domain from another registrar for just 99 cents.

How do I Know it Worked?
total cost $1.17You will know before you actually pay. In the cart, once you use it, you will see this image to the right. It shows that you save $14 and only pay $1.17 total. To see exactly how to add the discount at check out, view this video:

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Why Get a Domain?

This is always a funny question. Often people ask why they should get a domain. Then once I explain it they completely understand. It is like a light bulb goes off. So here goes. Let us take the example of applying for a job. These days you apply for a job online. You need to add your email address to the resume. You usually have to add your email address when submitting your resume. It does not look professional to use a free account such as gmail, hotmail, or yahoo. Often times your name is odd too. Maybe it is a funny name you created or your name followed by numbers. Either way it could be better. Let's make it better! But how? Get your own domain. You can then create your own e-mail address with your own domain. You can simply use your name such as joe@yourdomain.com. Now that looks fantastic and professional!

What Type of Domain Should I Get?

This may depend on a couple factors. When giving someone an email address and a website they often assume it ends in .com. However there are many options. I would suggest that for an email you may want to stick with a .com to be professional. Does the same rule go for the website domain also? Not always. For business everyone assumes .com however there are many other options. Did you know that some domains end with things such as .home or .house. These might make more sense for realtors or those in real estate. There are many other domain extensions to choose from. Now the next question....

Do I need to have the same domain for my email and website?

Aha! It is not necessary. You could have a .com for an email address. A simple one page place holder would be perfect for your .com which could be blank. You could have it forward to your linkedin profile. There is no charge from domain name registrars like Go Daddy to forward a domain. Then you obtain a different domain extension for your website. As a realtor, for example, you could have karensells@houses.com. Then that is where you create your website. This is a perfect idea for those that have more than one job. Your email will not lead them to your website. What do I mean by that? If you email address ends with the same extension as your website then someone may pull up your site. But if the domains are different then the email will not lead them to your site. Tada - you can now have your secondary job without compromising your day gig.

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